From Frequent, Electric, and Fare-Free Transit

Making transit frequent, electric and fare-free benefits EVERYONE.

People who enjoy the outdoors: Hamilton is home to some truly beautiful green spaces and having access to those spaces is just as basic a human right as is access to clean water. Fare-free transit would make visiting our recreational parks, waterfalls and waterfront areas easier for everyone.

People who own a business: Making the HSR frequent and fare-free will not only make shopping hubs more accessible for more people, it will also leave them with more money to spend in your establishment. It will also increase the available workforce in Hamilton.

People who want to work: Fare-free public transit will make employment more accessible for people who cannot afford to pay for public transit, cannot drive or have mobility issues.

People who breathe: Increasing HSR use is a fast and cheap way to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that are leading us to climate collapse. One of the best ways to increase ridership is to make it reliable and fare-free.

Making the HSR a fully electrified public service would be an important step in moving away from fossil fuels.

Benefits for HSR RIDERS

With bus fares rising and service lacking, there are plenty of reasons for Hamilton's transit riders to demand a reliable, affordable and clean HSR!

  • HSR users will save money by not having to pay to ride the bus.
  • Making the HSR more frequent will mean faster and more reliable service.
  • HSR users will have easier access to parks and green spaces, healthcare, and employment.
  • No fare collection means HSR drivers will spend less time at the curb and more time getting you where you need to be.
  • More people will take public transit and leave their cars at home, meaning fewer emissions, reduced greenhouse gases and better air quality for all!

Benefits for DRIVERS

Whether you're usually cruising around town or commuting to work, reliable, affordable and clean public transit is for you!

  • Making the HSR frequent, clean and fare free will encourage more people to take transit, meaning fewer cars on the road and less traffic congestion.
  • With fewer cars on the road, drivers will reach their destinations more quickly and there would be an increase in available parking.
  • Fewer cars on the road means the roads will not deteriorate as quickly. The number of potholes should be reduced.
  • Drivers would also have the option of using the fare free HSR bus service to reach their destinations without having to use their vehicles.