Hamilton Municipal Election – October 24, 2022

In one simple action, our City Council can make life fairer, more affordable and more climate friendly for Hamilton residents, especially those with the lowest incomes. Making the HSR fare free and buses more frequent will benefit the people who are hurting the most. It will sharply reduce inequality, cut traffic congestion and improve the local economy.

Hamilton's new Mayor and 5 Councilors have supported our call to establish a Committee of Council that will examine how the City of Hamilton can make the HSR Frequent, Electric and Fare-Free!


In the face of climate collapse, inflation, and a burgeoning health crisis, all of which disproportionally affect the most economically and socially marginalized people among us, why would we choose to focus our attention on the HSR during this election period?

Here are just a few reasons:

  • Reducing the number of cars on the road, encouraging transit use, and switching to an electric bus fleet are important parts of addressing the climate collapse.

  • Mobility is important for the financial viability of families, communities, and cities. Making transit free and reliable removes a major barrier to healthcare, shopping, food, greenspace, and employment for many of our most vulnerable citizens.

  • Municipalities have a significant amount of control over how they provide transit services to the public and are therefore able to take bold action on a key infrastructure issue that affects every member of our community.

The New York Times says that 100 cities around the world offer free public transit.


The city of Ottawa is currently discussing the possibility of making transit FREE.


Orangeville is set to begin their 2-year, fare-free transit pilot this coming January 1st, 2023


Kansas City, Missouri became the first large, American city to offer free, city-wide transit in 2019.


Together We Can!

Care about other issues affecting Hamilton's people and environment?

Check out how some of our allied organizations are trying to make big changes happen during this election and beyond!


Be a part of our team of volunteer canvassers, digital wizards, and non-partisan campaign strategists!


Hamilton 350 is organizing to win bold climate action that puts people and the planet first.

We're a grassroots, volunteer-run organization affiliated with 350.org — a global network of everyday people organizing for climate justice and 100% renewable energy.

We have a general meeting on the third Wednesday of every month, which is a great place for new volunteers to get started.

Learn more at hamilton350climate.org.

The Council of Canadians brings people together through collective action and grassroots organizing to challenge corporate power and advocate for people, the planet and our democracy.

The Hamilton Chapter meets on the last Monday of every month. Everyone is welcome!

Learn more at cochamont.ca.